Revisiones en Salud Pública del PulsE eBulletin

Nuevo número del PulsE eBulletin:

PulsE is a quarterly eBulletin that provides information about newly published systematic reviews of public health and health services interventions. The reviews are drawn from a range of open access sources and are selected for inclusion in the eBulletin because of their relevance to local health policy priorities. More information about the development of PulsE is available here.

Effectiveness of legislative smoking bans: Legislative smoking bans lead to a reduction in exposure to passive smoking, particularly among hospitality workers, and improved health outcomes.

Smoke-free policies to reduce tobacco use: Policies which prohibit the smoking of tobacco products are effective in reducing tobacco use when implemented in worksites and communities.

Worksite-based incentives and competitions to reduce tobacco use: Worksite-based incentives and competitions, when combined with additional interventions to support individual cessation efforts, are effective in reducing tobacco use among workers.

Effects of worksite health promotion interventions on employee diets: While worksite interventions appear to have a positive, but small, effect on dietary behaviour, more well-conducted studies are required to reliably determine their effectiveness.

Point of decision prompts to increase stair use: There is strong evidence that point-of-decision prompts contribute to modest increases in the percentage of people choosing to take the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator.

Effectiveness of primary care interventions for weight management in children and adolescents: Behavioural interventions can be effective in managing weight in obese children and adolescents, and combined behavioural-pharmacological interventions may be useful in very obese adolescents.

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