Heidi Data tool and European Health Community Indicators

The Heidi (Health in Europe: Information and Data Interface) data tool is an interactive application to present relevant and comparable information on health at European level. The tool is presenting a list of indicators, grouped in four sections – a fifth section on health promotion is currently under development:

  • demographic and socio-economic factors,
  • health status,
  • determinants of health,
  • health interventions: health services
Besides browsing among all indicators, users can limit their analysis to the ECHI (European Community Health Indicators) indicators: 88 indicators – half of them currently implemented – developed by a group of experts to ensure the highest comparability and the best quality. The aim of ECHI indicators is to provide the shortest meaningful list of indicators that gives a reliable overview on health and health systems across Europe.

For all indicators, whenever possible, data covers all EU Member States, and often also EFTA and candidate countries. Heidi data tool allows query per country and per year, and also per region (sub-national level) if the information is available. Results can be displayed in line charts, bar charts, maps or tables; users can export both data and images in the most common formats.

Most of the data is provided by Eurostat, however many indicators are compiled relying also on other sources, such as WHO, OECD, specific programmes and specialised databases. Metadata give a detailed overview on how each indicator is built and where the feeding data comes from.

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