Cadena de mando #Humanización #expedientemonica

Primer episodio de la primera temporada de The Wire.
El detective McNulty se salta la cadena de mando y alerta sobre algunos problemas que tiene el departamento de policía. Su superior le reprocha amistosamente que haya puesto en evidencia – delante de otras personas – las cosas que no están funcionando bien. Como la relación es muy amistosa entre ambos no le cesa, pero le obliga a hacer horas extras y redactar un informe sobre la situación. «Si no te importa, querido McNulty, el informe lo firmo yo y ponle viñetas» (quizás lo dice un poco más agresivo).
McNulty, sumiso, pide perdón y redacta el informe

-Sit the fuck down, Detective.
– Something wrong?
– Put your ass in the chair.
– You see these, McNulty, you see them? These are for you.
These are for you for as long as it takes me to get even.
– Major, what
– Don’t «Major» me, you backstabbing, smartass piece of shit.
-What the fuck you doing over at the courthouse anyway? Why the fuck are you talking to some shitbag judge? These are for you, McNulty.This one over here is going up your narrow fucking lrish ass. And this bad boy over here is in your fucking eye.
I’m upstairs answering questions about some project nigger I never heard of who’s supposedly beat my unit out of 10 murders.
-Three. They only beat three in court.
– I got the deputy asking about 10.
– No, they did 10, we only charged them with three.
-You’re full of shit.
-Sir, you can check the files. Maurice Scroggins, Toreen Boyd, Roland Leggett.
The girl they found in the stairwell in Saratoga Collette something or other.
I mean, Major, these guys are real. They beat me up on the Gerard Bogue case just like they did Barlow.
– Scroggins? I don’t have an H-file on Scroggins.
– He was last year, summer. Two in the back of the head, low-rise courtyard.
– Let me understand something. You are having the deputy bust my balls over a prior-year case? Is this what I need from you, you insubordinate little fuck?
– Major, look, I’m really sorry. Phelan, he and l, we go back a little, you know? He wanted to know what I know about the crew in his court.
– I had to go upstairs knowing nothing and explain to the deputy why he’s getting calls about murders that don’t mean a shit to anybody.
– Look, sir, this judge, he fucks me up. He asks me a question and I answer it.
I didn’t know he was gonna call anybody.
-You have my attention, Detective. My complete, undivided attention.
-Yes, sir.
-Where you going?
-I’m 8:00-to-4:00.
-No. You’re typing.
– Deputy wants a report on his desk at 0800.
-A report?
-Clean, no typos. Make it look right, then put my name on it.
– Do you want to reference all the murders? Or should I soft-pedal that?
– Fucking horse is out the barn door, right? Let’s try not to make me look stupid twice.
And when you list the cases, put a little dot next to each one. Deputy likes dots.
-I’m sorry, Major, really.

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